Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FreeFall launch; Freezing

I'm going to be reading at the launch of the latest issue of FreeFall (Winter 2012), in which I have a piece of creative nonfiction. Other readers include Juleta Severson-Baker, Barbara Parker and Naomi Lewis. That's 7 PM, Thursday, February 2 at Owl's Nest Books located at 815 49th Ave SW in Britannia Shopping Plaza. Good readings, good company, and wine and cheese! Come on out and enjoy.

Well, I suppose I can't let this ridiculously cold weather pass by without some comment. Especially now that I'm recovered from falling on my head on some ice last week. I mean, the temperature's been hanging around -29 all day. Really. I wish I was back in California. Maybe I'll have to set my next book there.

Over and out for now. Stay warm.


Diane Girard said...

Yes! Now all you need is a big grant so you can spend a couple of months doing research!

In the meantime, stay snug.

Lori Hahnel said...

Diane -- what a great idea!