Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Shelf Life grand opening this Saturday; Cow Town / Punk Town Sat. Nov. 6th

The launch of Rona Altrows' new book, Key in Lock, was a great time and a huge success. Glad I could be there to help Rona celebrate!

This Saturday the fun continues as Rona and I read at the grand opening celebration for Shelf Life Books at 1302 - 4 St. SW. There will be refreshments, prizes and hourly author readings Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday. Rona and I will be on between 3 and 4PM Saturday if you want to come and cheer us on. Should be a blast.

Here's a public service announcement I wrote for Cow Town / Punk Town:

COWTOWN / PUNKTOWN: Calgary’s Punk Rock History

Sat. Nov. 6, 4:15 - 5:00 PM 2nd floor John Dutton Theatre

Calgary’s live music scene in the late ‘70s / early 80s would have been made up of country rock, top 40 bar bands and disco -- right? Would you be surprised to learn that conservative Calgary was actually home to a thriving underground music scene in those days? That a host of punk bands played shows every weekend at community halls and venues like The Calgarian Hotel, The National Hotel, The Long Bar and Ten Foot Henry’s? Join author Lori Hahnel of The Virgins and musician Dan Hayes of The Golden Calgarians as they reminisce about Calgary’s nearly forgotten early alternative music scene.

If you're interested in registering for this informative local history program (ahem!), go to http://calgarypubliclibrary.com/programs.aspx (Enter “Heritage Weekend” for the entire list ) or phone 403-260-2620. 


Jan Markley said...

Lots of great literary events you've been involved in around town. I'll be there on Saturday. Cowpunk - that could be a new literary sub genre, like steam punk but with cows ... just saying!

Lori Hahnel said...

Cowpunk's been done as far as music goes, but yeah...Cow Lit.

Diane Girard said...

Wow! A busy weekend and it all sounds like major fun. Have a blast!

Diane Girard said...

Wow! A busy weekend. Have a blast! Can I say - punk out?

Lori Hahnel said...

Punk out, indeed! It should be fun. Thanks, Diane!